Features that matter to your Business.

Tag, track and manage your assets from anywhere, anytime.

Asset Tagging

An efficient way to keep tabs on assets is to leverage technology. We do this for you by incorporating various AIDC technologies like RFID, Barcodes, QR codes, BLE tagging etc. with our Asset Management Software.

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Fixed Asset Register (FAR)

A Fixed Asset Register to provide greater visibility to your fixed assets. From asset acquisition to asset depreciation and disposal, keep a record of everything in our digital Fixed Asset Register.

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Asset lifecycle Tracking

No more relying on paper manuals or spreadsheets. With our asset management software all the tools essential to track your assets are integrated into one system. Update, maintain and remove assets anytime you see fit.

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Auto generated reports that give you valuable insights and help take decisive action without scheduling a board meeting. Get Asset reports, Challans, Asset Retire/Reserve reports, Audit Reports etc. on your fingertips with our Asset Management Software.

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Audits and Physical Verification

Under The Companies Act, 2013, Auditing in big enterprises is a mandatory process. Our Asset Management Software keeps all the Asset data to fit industry standards and norms and necessary legal compliance.

Access Anywhere, Anytime

Your business operations mustn’t be limited to your office. Access your business anywhere, anytime, on your mobile with our asset management software mobile app.

Vendor Management

Manage vendor screening, onboarding and vendor relations with our Asset Management software. Vendor performance ratings will help you choose better clients and reduce risks.

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Location Management and Tracking

Track you assets throughout the organizational boundaries; keep a comprehensive list of asset type, asset quantity, asset movements, and their present location.

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Switching to a new AMS made easier with our asset management software which easily integrates with existing ERP and APIs in a business setting.

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With increased incidents of client data loss and cyber thefts, you need the asset management software that makes security against cyber attacks a priority. Our AMS addresses this issue with various security certificates like SSL, TLS etc.

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