Asset Tagging

Asset tagging by using tags preferably RFID tags, barcodes, QR codes and BLE, is an important component in asset tracking and asset management.

RFID Tagging QR Code/Barcode Tagging BLE Tagging
Asset Tagging Software with RFID Tags/QR codes/Barcodes/BLE
RFID Tagging

RFID Tagging

Use RFID tags to track and sort assets, manage your inventory hassle free.

Passive RFID tags are an ideal investment with low cost and long life.

QR Code/Barcode Tagging

QR Code/Barcode Tagging

QR code and barcode tags are widely used for they are easily created and do not need elaborate mechanism to read or modify.

BLE Tagging

BLE Tagging

Track assets with Bluetooth low energy (beacon)tags for hands on information on your mobile. BLE is scalable and accessible which gives you easy access to your assets.

Frequently Asked Questions

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags emit radio wave signals that are read by a RFID reader through an antenna. These tags come in various frequency range i.e low frequency, high frequency, Ultra High frequency etc.

Low cost and long life of RFID tag is what makes it so popular.

Quick Response (QR) codes and barcodes are images that work as tags as these can contain written data. These are cost effective, very easy to generate and use.

Bluetooth low energy tagging is a mechanism which uses Bluetooth signals to track assets indoor or outdoor.

Many retail businesses use Passive RFID tags. A combination of RFID tags, QR codes and BLE tags can also be used to track assets and manage inventory efficiently.