Asset Lifecycle Tracking

An IoT approach that enables you to keep up with where your assets are located thus keeping you ahead of the curve.

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Sort and classify assets by Asset tagging.


Locate assets using RFID Reader, mobile etc.


Keep tabs on asset movement, check-ins/ check-outs by employing scanners and readers at intersections.

How Does It Work

How Does It Work

  • Tag assets using RFID tags, barcodes/QR codes and BLE tags.
  • Track assets between locations, departments and employees by using simple check-in/outs.
  • Manage asset depreciation records, and disposal of assets using configurable workflow.
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Asset Tracking Software

Our Asset tracking software which is an integral part of our Asset Management Software joins actual gadgets like RFID readers and RFID tags, barcode scanners, barcode labels, and mobile phones to streamline the tracking of assets in an organization.

  • Keeps log of asset movement within the organization.
  • Gate in and gate out timings are captured.
  • Challan is issued for every asset that leaves or comes in.
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Asset Tracking Software

Frequently Asked Questions

Asset tracking takes the centre stage in any business operation. Keepings tabs on assets leads to optimization of tasks and better overall management.

Yes. Small businesses can use RFID tags, QR codes or BLE to tag and track assets. Keeping track of assets prevents losses.

Businesses can use asset tracking to meet the time bound targets, build better client relationship and optimize operations.

By helping you meet time-bound targets, asset tracking will curb losses and prevent overspending.