Time & Attendance Management Software (TAMS)

Digitize attendance, employee visibility, reporting and payroll with Our Time & Attendance Management Software (TAMS).

Tools at Your Disposal

Biometric attendance system uses individual specific biometric features to grant entry and store the details.

TIme & Attendance management Software
Finger print scanning
Facial recognition
Iris / Retina scan

Mobile and Web Application

Keep updates and access all the reports on your mobile/desktop via application.


Easily integrate Time and Attendance Software with already existing ERP and CRM software at the workplace.

Why our Time and Attendance Management Software:

  • An automated Time and Attendance Management Software is not only needed to streamline the day to day employee task management but to increase the productivity as well.
  • Our Time and Attendance Management Software combines the employee time utilization and attendance system together to give an overall productivity outlook at the workplace.

Host of Reasons To Choose Our TAMS

Clocking-in and out

Employees can manage shifts and clock-in/out as per need.

Calendar integration

Calendar integration to felicitate daily work targets and project updates.

Workforce Management

Manage employee time and schedules with workforce management.

Key Benefits

  • Accurate employee attendance
  • Save valuable employee time
  • Prevent errors in employee’s records
  • Staff satisfaction
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Provisions for overtime, half -days and leaves
  • Error free payroll calculations

Frequently Asked Questions

A Time and Attendance management software removes the need of physical logs and spreadsheets to keep track of employee attendance and gives insights into employee performance, making it very useful for businesses.

No, the cost of implementing our Time and Attendance management software is relatively low and the benefits far outweigh the cost. Host of tools make it an affordable choice as well.

Yes, our Time and Attendance management software integrates well with existing software and provides an easy transition from logs and spreadsheets to automated TAMS.

Yes, our TAMS comes with a web application and a mobile app as well. You can access it anywhere in the palm of your hand.

Of course yes, many small businesses use our Time and Attendance management software to digitize employee attendance and improve the productivity at the workplace.