Industries We Serve

An AMS designed to meet expectations of a varied list of industries, with a wide range of tools, quick integrations, smart workflows, and a mobile app to monitor your business on the go.


Retail sector uses a lot of its resources on asset management and inventory control. Our asset management software streamlines the management part for you so that you can focus on sales.

Real Estate

Real estate business has benefitted greatly by our asset management and visitor management software.

Not only can you keep a list of your assets, asset locations, purchases, and sales but also improve business using forecasting tool and auto generated reports.


Our asset management software and Visitor management software, both find great application in healthcare industry. Many hospitals and medical colleges use VMS to keep track of visitors, appointments, and to offer better services apart from using the AMS to keep tabs on fixed assets, and track assets within the premises or outside.


Many Service sector businesses employ our asset management software and visitor management software as well. From keeping a record of visitors, appointments to keeping a list of fixed assets using FAR, and managing vendor/client relations, and using auditing tools and reports the benefits are huge.


Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry uses our Asset Management Software to keep track of assets, asset categories, expiration dates, stock availability, etc. it also uses tools such as reports and insights to forecast demand and supply, and take decisive action.

Financial Services

Financial services use our asset management solutions to generate reports and streamline the auditing process, apart from using various tools like asset tracking and FAR to organize business operations.


Our asset management and visitor management software have been of great help for startups as well. When the zeal to create a niche in the business environment combines with great tools, like VMS, Far, asset tracking, reports etc. success follows.