Manage visitor/Attendance Flow and Streamline Reception.

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visitor/Attendance Management System

A Complete Enterprise visitor/Attendance Management System

Seamless Visits

Seamless Visits

Completely automated visitor registration and reception for a seamless visiting experience.

Seamless Visits

Workplace Visibility

Enhanced workplace visibility enabled by track and trace technologies.

Seamless Visits

Insights and Reports

Auto-generated insights and reports facilitating better decision making at workplace.

Seamless Visits

Workplace Security

Enhanced workplace security with a digitally documented visitor trail.

VisitorFirst Mobile Application

ReaLin: Visitor + Attendance App

ReaLin Visitor + Attendance is another app for our comprehensive Visitor Management and Attendance tracking solution. With our ReaLin Visitor + Attendance mobile application, you can

Visitors are digitally registered on set criteria and informed by email/sms notifications with visit details.

A digital receptionist platform to welcome visitors upon arrival where they can scan their QR code or sign in using an iPad at the front desk.

The host is informed via an email/text notification once their visitor has arrived and checked in.

Key Features

Welcome Your Visitors with Ease

  • Register visitors with valid IDs and schedule meetings on the go.
  • Visitors can download the VisitorFirst mobile app to self-register and request for appointments in advance.
  • Seamless check-ins with QR Code based digital ID.
Welcome Your Visitors
Visitor Register
Key Features

A Digital Visitor Register

  • A detailed list of visitors scheduled to visit today.
  • A complete list of overall visitors till date.
  • A detailed list of visitor carry-ons, vehicle no., repeat visits etc.
Key Features

An Intuitive Dashboard

  • Get insights into visitor volume for better space utilization.
  • Sort visitors by date, host name, company name, repeat visits etc.
  • Register a new visitor and schedule a new meeting in no time.
Intuitive Dashboard

How Our Visitor Management Software works

Visitor Screening
Visitor Screening

Set criteria for visitors wanting to visit the workplace.

Visitor registration and Appointment
Visitor registration and Appointment

Facilitate digital registration of visitors and appointments.

Instant check-in/check-out
Instant check-in/check-out

Instant check-ins and check-outs to improve client experience.

Digital Badge
Digital Badge

Issue a digital badge or facilitate an instant visitor ID badge generation in physical form.


Screen, register and keep an eye on visitor movement by granting access, and tracking visitors at the premises.


Receive valuable feedback from visiting clients and improve client relations.

Frequently Asked Questions

A visitor management system is very crucial for managing visitor flow and to ensure safety and security at a workplace. It automates the front desk and enhances the visitor experience all together.

It is possible but it’s better to keep the front desk staff as well. It enhances the visitor experience greatly when staff and VMS work together as the front desk staff can attend people better while VMS streamlines the visitor management.

From micro, small to medium and large enterprises, every type of organizations can use our VMS to screen visitors, fix appointments, and enhance security at the workplace.
Our VisitorFirst is an efficient and scalable software solution suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Since a Visitor Management Software records everything from visitor arrival and departure to visitor movement on the premises, it’s very useful for security.
Many schools and colleges use it to screen visitors before booking appointments to keep students safe on the premises as well.

No. VMS is a onetime investment which automates the whole visitor management in an organization and it is often seen as a cost cutting measure.
Our VMS can be deployed on-premise, and as a SaaS product as well, depending upon the client requirement.

Thinking of Incorporating Visitor Management Software at Your Work?