Features That Make Your Business Stand Out.

From booking first appointment to scheduling revisits, a VMS that manages everything.

visitor appointment

Visitor Appointment and Registration

Automate the visitor appointments and registrations, and free the front desk for things that matter.

  • Host and Visitor can Create, Approve, Modify a Visit
  • Better Planning

Self Registration

  • Quick Check-in
  • Enhanced Experience

Role based Login

  • Host Profile
  • Visitor Profile
  • Security/Reception Profile

Visit Approvals

Manage the upcoming visits, screen and pre approve visitors.

  • Timely and Advanced Planning of Single/Team Visits
  • Enhanced Productivity

Visitor Access Control

  • Pre-defined Visitor Access
  • Digital Badge
  • Increased Security

On Visitor Material Details

  • Details of Carried Items
  • Document Scanning
  • Eliminate Loss/Harm to People or Assets of the Organization
Visit Approvals
Repeat Visits

Repeat Visits

Reschedule visits with no complications.

  • Schedule One or Recurring Visits
  • Eliminate Re-enrolment and duplicate Profile Creation
  • Quick and Easy Check-ins

Check-ins / Check-outs

  • Early Check-in for Timely Arrivals
  • Check-out


Tools like auto-generated reports and insights can provide you details that can improve client relationships and prevent mishaps at workplace as well.

  • Monitoring and Analysis of Visits
  • Visitor Details, Host-wise Visit, Date-wise Visit Reports can be Exported in PDF, Excel and Txt Format

Easy Integration

Switching to a new software solution made easier with our Enterprise Visitor Management System.

  • Supports integrations with CRM, ERP.
  • Integrates with your existing software in no time.

Access anywhere

While you’re on vacations or working remote, log-in to your business anywhere, anytime.

  • Web Application
  • Mobile Application